Simple Question About Paypal Paymethod


i want to register renoise and pay via paypal.

do i have to pay then in usd? or is it possible to pay in eur?

Eh, how is this useless?
And if it is - truly useless - it could well be changed to an optional fee. Pay 6 euros extra because you really want Renoise. I’d pay. And I did get the RBS.

whats RBS ?

Sorry. Didn’t notice that part, as I found the payment straightforward enough, and didn’t think much about it. I really thought the RBS was a Renoise registration feature.

I still think this should be an option. If the RBS doesn’t benefit Renoise, we should be informed.

why haven’t you done that already?

It would be nice for those of us that obviously can’t read. :)

I could swear I read all the faqs before purchasing, but I did not notice the second paragraph of the point about rbs. Ne’ermind.