Simple Question About Programming

Hello from Germany :)

first please excuse my bad english, i used renoise @ PCLinuxOS 2010 Gnome Edition on an Toshiba Satelite Notebook.
And it works fantastic no Problems i became an Warning Realtime not work, but Realtime works my goodness so i have no words in english for this fantastic piece of Software!

It works on Linux better as on Windows 7 but i have make Format C and Windows goes to Dev/Null.

I have an simple Question in which programming was developed for Renoise because yes on Linux Windows and Mac makes his work so fantastic! Compliments to the developers …

Since I can program anything but with God nothing like this fantastic software I would be interested in an answer to my question already.

Could it be the Renoise programmed in Ocaml was because it runs so stable and fast even on such a weak PC as I use him I can only repeat myself just fantastic.

About an answer I would be very happy about it also, of course, though many would also use Linux to experience how great can be software.

Greeting Rudy



It runs this good because Taktik is a talented programmer. :)