Simple sharp/flat toggle

A search for “sharps flats” yielded a thread from 2010 that went on and on about microtonic systems, the circle of fifths, tetrachords, key signatures etc etc etc… There was another thread like last month about this, but i can’t find it, so bleh :confused:

Personally all i’d really like is a simple key(hehe) binding to toggle the whole tracker between displaying accidentals as sharps (F# C# G# D# A#) or flats (Bb Eb Ab Db Gb) Ideally this setting would be global to Renoise, just like the keyboard octave or cursor step value. A couple of years ago, we implemented this in Schism Tracker - all we really needed to do was switch between two sets of 12 note names, minus the octave number.

Just that… tracking, or looking at a track in say, G minor or C minor with sharps instead of flats, is just… awkward :3