Simple Sidechaining In Renoise With Reaper (video Tutorial)

Really simple way to Sidechain in Renoise and if you think a little more on the way it is done you will find other uses too like audio modulation of other fx and stuff



Obviously wasn’t taking enough notice of what i was doing when i made the vid hehehe
You are gonna want to use a send device with keep source for your compressor trigger so that you can hear the trigger track too DOH

Good video’.
But i find it way easier to just use the sidekick vst for the sidechaining purpose.

and its free!"

heres a link for the download:

Grab it!

It’s not just for sidechaining i was trying to show the routing possiblities via rewire and stuff but anyway hehehe


Will update that video later , Forgot my own golden rule, Always keep a rewire track for the master DOH
It can be done like above but it is mucho harder work

I created a dead simple JS plugin to make this even easier
Will record a new vid and update the topic a bit later
It’s so simple now ;)


awesome! renoise sequencing + reaper routing= most excellent music combo possible

If you add a YouTube variant, i can embed it on the documentation page underneath the advanced video material.
I currently don’t have much options to paste exotic video plugins on it.

Yeah only issue there is a capturing app
As in i don’t have one other than Jing
I’ll look around see what i can find


Usually the freely available “Super” converter is your friend

Good tutorial, thanks!

I am in love with the Renoise and Reaper combo!

I dont see how an encoder would help in this case
I dont have any idea where the files from jing are stored on my computer
Can that convertor thing convert directly from a web link ?


fantastic tutorial Bungle.

Sorry, i have no idea how Jing works, i thought it was a tool that created an offline movie.
But i guess it stores an FLV somewhere on your disk (in your browser’s cache) at least it has to cache the contents somewhere first before it can submit that stuff to the server, the Browser’s cache is the first place to try and check.



Top video is full screen but low quality
Bottom video is lower resolution but much higher quality and can be run in HQ mode at the tube
Which do you want me to use VV
I’m prefering the HQ one even though you get to see less on screen

PS no audio on these they are just to test quality before i start knocking tutorials out ;)


Hi quality will be better indeed, Jings is only mono wasn’t it?


Nah Jing only does SWF and You tube dont support that so i used a different capture app that uploads straight to you tube


Okay… already got some renewed cinema with audio?

Sorry no i had horrendous flu and could not speak properly and then had to catch up with work stuff
I have a bunch of ideas i will get done though, i may redo the reaper rewire ones tonite if i find time


Sorry to hear that…I just wanted to let you know if you got that idea with audio → i will add the video to the manual. btw: Horrendous flu with a pinch of Mex-factor (swine-flu)?

Just tried on Osx, a complete success. Thanks!