Simple Suggestion About The Disk Browser...

note: i’d suggest it to be optional, so it would not mess anything up for people who only use keyboard shortcuts for evertything.

the suggestion: I only use the disk browser to save/load stuff every now and then, so basically, when I move the mouse away from the disk browser area perhaps it could instantly set mode to “track scopes”, and back to “disk browser” again if I move the mouse back over the area again.

as it is now, I open samples 'n stuff so often I don’t feel like setting the window to “track scopes” every time after.

just a suggestion though :) Perhaps not the most important one.

lots of people hate to have track scopes on because of CPU consuming.

You can switch to track scopes at any time by pressing F3, and use CTRL+ALT+ARROWS to move through the Disk Browser.

Also, CTRL+S can be used to rapidly save the song

well, yeah, that’s why I suggested it to be optional :). I’ll try to use the keyboard shortcuts though…

Power of Renoise is in HotKeys!
As it usually was in trackers. Keeping best traditions ;)

Hmmmmz, it kind of makes me realize I can add this feature myself. I basically create an application that presses the hotkey for “disk browser” if the cursor is within that area, and back to “track scopes” if the cursor is outside. :)

Cause even if hotkeys is fast, it’s nice to have the PC do the things I’m too lazy to do (I simply use the disk browser too much)…

Well, problem sloved anyways.

Hehe, neat! :)

i just want a bigger diskoperation :P (larger window)