simple UX request - put the song filename somewhere in the UI

I get confused sometimes when rendering traxx about which song i’m rendering. Would be nice to have the current filename somewhere in the main UI, like bottom right of screen or something.



which song i’m rendering

Have you tried using the “automatic file naming” option within the render dialog?

You can let Renoise generate your render filenames automatically this way, using basic meta data from the song like artist name, song title, current filename, bpm, etc.

You can also mix your own custom text into the filename template if you need to, along with other useful info like the current date and time.

Basically, you never have to manually name your renders ever again :slight_smile:

8287 renoise-render-auto-file-name.png

Ok! I should just read the manual or something :stuck_out_tongue: thank you ? that is actually really neato.