Simply Delete notes

Well I know this question is even below beginners state but What key should I press to delete a wrongly pressed note but not shifting everthing below one step up ? Rather than ctrl + x .I remember in buzz there was a key for it

“Del”, “Delete” or “Supr”. It is usually above the cursor keys on a standard desktop keyboard.

What Del key does is also shifting all lines below up one step or there is something I’m missing here?

No. Deletes the row and jumps to a next line set by the value of the “step length” (see the bottom bar of the pattern editor, just to the left of the “Vol” switch). Set this value to 0 if you don’t want it to jump.


Figured out as I have been using windows 7 on a Macbook ,delete key was acting as backspace .so I had to reassig it as delete in renoise preferences. It’s weird actually .


i agree with you, but i’m so used to ‘cut’ (cmd+x) instead of delete :smiley:

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