I made some track based only on sinwave, and still it far from that in tutorial, but im not so advanced like autor, so i made my own from beggining here it is.

And under are too track made realy fast using Dubfx techniques (posting before on shout), only for fun. I think with little practice some could go live and play/sing like dubfx or other voice based artists. I have plans to mix such techniqes with standard one.



Your track based on sine waves was excellent.
It made me want to listen to the other two tracks in your post, which I also really enjoyed.
Great us of vocals.

i like the idea behind the sin-wave and the ambient/chillout-vocal song. the ambient song is weird, i avoid using vocals unless i terribly distort or cut them up but in your case they have a nice vibe/flow. the dnb didn’t really do it for me.
if you make more of these vocal songs i’d be interested to hear them. ^^

Thx for the time and listening to my tracks.

For the vocal tracks im trying to build track live like using renoise like loop mashine, so effects is not perfect cuz its my first tests :) But i will arange it offline mixing it with virtual instruments etc

I love that minimal approach. Nice work