Sine wave using a minimum of 2 samples and interpolation

Want a clean sine
Draw a sample of 2 samples long , -1/+1 , set interpolation to cubic ,play a low note and render
Yuy , a clean sine


YOu can do al kinds of nifty tricks , use 16 samples instead and experiment ( pseudo reso waveform )


nice! cool little technique. You can always pitch down deeply in the sample properties pane, so it’s playable at whatever keyboard octave you like. some nice pseudo analog waves from this technique. another tool in the native tool box :+1:

fun to set up with an oscilloscope, too, so you can see how the changes in waveform drawing/shape change the resultant audio waveform

Super cool for making raw single cylce waveforms. Do not just use the cubic mode, but all modes equally have their distinct character. It is nice to take like 5 or 7 samples and then tweak that chippy sound with the drawing tool…

Is there already a tuner based on loop length? I think easy tune won’t work on some setups? I’ve just made my own code for tuning the samples based on the length in samples…

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Nice. Please do share!