Sinewaves And 808 Bassdrums In Renoise

no other tracker has so much oomph! Renoise really does handle sub bass really well I think, how come? is it actually 0hz-20khz? I’d love the programmers to tell me any secret roll-off points in the sound engine but i beleive (from my own ears) there is none!. :yeah:

I reckon you just pwn3d FEW cans of stella and turned it up blud.

Renoise sounds good though, and I for one, would like to know about the sound engine.

Is there such a thing?

I don’t there any magic regardings low frequencies in Renoise. I think it’s placebo, crazy sounddrivers of your card or something else in this case.

Perhaps it is because Arguru’s sinc is “perfect” :P

It’s an engine that runs on milkshakes, bananas and luuv. :P