Sing You (house)

Hi Renoisers,

This is one of my bests songs. Written in renoise 1.5.1, I used mostly wav samples (only VSTi Albino for the bass). Most of the melodic sounds are Rhodes and Rhodes f****ed with vst Glitch.

Some stretched voices as well. I always loved that (ex. double 99 - ripgroove)

Mastering done with Stardust and a few eqs (Vst URS series). Quite good punch. :rolleyes:

Hope you like it!

  • Klez

125 bpm, duration 4:53 - Ogg format 5,99 Mb
Klez - Sing You

EDIT: Now 1:37 is “fixed” by popular demand :D

Sometimes it is very hard to write critics about a song. There was ONE thing that annoyed me - at 1:37 this offset-effect stretching. Baaad, really bad - sorry. That doesn’t fit in my understanding of chilling housemusic. Besides that, really cool houseMuzak.

One hint: The vocals are either too loud or there’s too much reverb. (especially on that “comeon”-sample

hahahahah :D

too much fun with vst Glitch to omit that stretching :)

Maybe i´ll remove the efect after hollidays

Nice you liked the song after all, very few people coment this style of music in this forum. ;)

House is one of my favourite styles (I released a housetrack somewhere in this board)

listening right now, i love this kind of stuff. i don’t write very much of it but it’s definitely the style that i prefer to DJ… funky house and disco type stuff. this is really funky/deep/good. beautiful organ stuff and great drum track, got lots of punch to it. sounds mixed well

i agree about the part at 1:37 though, totally out of place

great stuff man, keep it up!!

if i had this on vinyl i would definitely play it in one of my sets :drummer:

hahaha :lol:

that´s the vst Glitch… like a drug…
i´ll remove the stretch on 1:37 I promise :walkman:

– EDIT –

Removed 1:37 offset stretching and link is updated.
Now really IS final version

let me know if this ever gets pressed on vinyl and i will buy a copy :) - pressing vinyls at affordable prices ;)

too bad i don’t read… whatever the hell language that is :lol:

This is german. ;)

Have a look at the right bottom, there you can switch the language to english. :D

Edit: Forgot my song critics.

I like that glitch effect but it should sit more in the background of the song. Mixed with the original sound at a lower level, worth a try, besides that the rest of the track is really smooth and punchy.

Nice you people liked the song :P

If you want to record it in a vinyl you got my permission. If somebody neds the file in better bitrate or different format drop me a line.


Thanks for listening!

sounds pretty much like what disco house was around 95-97. a good time.
percs, rhodes, vocal hooks - all nicely in place. as far as i can tell via headphones, it’s also a pretty felicitous mix / mastering job you did there.

only criticism:

  • the “comeon” vocal - it sounds somewhat detached from the rest.
  • the progression around ~3:00 - 3:30 is a bit dowdy. maybe heard it that way a few times too often before ;)

but still this makes up very enjoyable house trip - good stuff and a definate keeper for my winamp :walkman:

Nice chillin man! Only thing I would change is to give some eq to highs. Too irritating to listen hihats and other high stuff.
But in general, hyvä meisinki!