Singe Renoise Users



…eh… like… what would you do if this happend?

…i’d personaly…throw er away lol :drummer:

yet another reason for me not to get my drivers license :lol:

when he said “it’s good that she is so short-sighted, so she will never see how much I’m ugly”, he had to consider this…


Hey transcender that one was very nice! Did you make it?

and it ends just like that? he just goes to sleep sad and lonely?

naah… if that was my movie he would definately get some in the end ;)

So does ‘slut’ mean ‘end’ then?

Yes it does. :)

There’s always a “slut” in the swedish end.

Oh, and besides, the lonely blob realised that it could enjoy its own company as best it could in stead of being desperate for a gf/bf, a good thing as nobody wants a desperate person. I got it. I was single for 3 years, recognize the pattern. :P

It’s not sad, just clever.

no “slut” dont mean “end”, “slut” means “happy end” :dribble:

so thats how they develop new plant breeds?? :blink:

damn, i was wayyy off

The funniest thing about that post is where you posted it from! :D

Having a productive day, eh?

you know, i work as an IT admin and i better wount tell you whats the real situatuin is out there… :lol:

to save you from biggest shock of your life ;)

EDIT: at least dope messes with fruits and vegetables ;)

what`s that…motivation??