Singing Synthesis Software Needed

Does anyone know if there is any other singing synthesis software for Windows, other than Volcaloid?

I remember reading a review in SOS about a choir software with pretty good quality. You could type in the text, so it was not only ooohs and aaahs. Can remember the name though… :frowning:

I like Vocaloid - I managed to do some nice stuff with it, I think.
But the software itself is unbelievable buggy and the GUI is 1984… :)

farbrausch? maybe…


I have read the threads and it looks like an impossible task to get it to sing.
I was expecting to find at least 2-3 singing synthesis software for windows.
There are I believe at least 10 different (text-to-) speech engines for Windows, and only one that is designed for singing.

In fact, I will be happy with software that does not sing, but does a little more than “ooh ahh’s”
Just to do some ethnic/“monkish” vocals - “ahh waa yaa maa” type of choir :)

I found some very weird “singing monk” vst, but the demo sounds sounded terrible so I did not bother.

I believe you mean EWQL Symphonic Choirs, where you can get the choir to “sing” written words, Enya-style. Seems to be working ok, but not for solo stuff.

Hey thanks for refreshing the memory here :)
This looks interesting, and no wonder the name was quickly forgotten.
Still, it looks like Vocaloid is the most advanced for Windows, and yet it is not seem to be that popular, or that developed. Wonder why.

More advanced than this?


there was a farbrausch example posted here sum time ago
but i cant find it on da forums…

i put it up here :



Thanks for posting this. This is indeed NICE!
The interface seems much nicer, and the sound engine sounds top notch (although I hope I can do non-choir sounds with it)

Also, I followed some of the other EastWest videos and they seem to have a VERY interesting set of plugins!

I would have used many exclamation marks, but I dont want to look too enthusiastic. (!)


From their site “5 Choirs - Boys, Alto (Female), Soprano (Female), Basses (Male), Tenors (Male) plus Solo Singers” (My Emphasis) so doesn’t look like it’s only choirs.

I must admit i hadn’t heard of them until the other day myself. Been quite apart from the music composition world myself but decided it’s time to try and get back on the boat.

I also love their Ministry of Rock.
But my enthusiasm faded quickly after seeing the price list.
Im talking bucket-of-cold-water faded…

Ok, after reading a little more and listening to more demos, anybody else who is interested should know:

  1. It costs a LOT (around 530 USD)
  2. It is not really synthesis - they have a 38GB of samples…
  3. It is choirs only, or at least choir-like - meaning it is not like vocaloid where you can make pop singing sounds (at least judging from all the demos I heard)

Ahh by choir I thought you meant a full assemble rather than solo singers. I think you are probably right with it all being “choir style” as that seems to be what this package is aimed at. Surely used with vocoders and other effects you could break away from the mould of where it’s targeted though…

But then again the price would put me off more than just a little!

Yeah… their packages look awesome, but I am much more impressed when it is actually synthesized, even if not always perfectly.
Dont know if you have played with Vocaloid (the older version had better sound, their Miriam voice) - the interface had more quirks than features, and sometimes the synthesis was quite silly, but all in all, I was impressed.
You give me $500 and 40gb of free space and I can also make your computer sing or play like Metallica… :)

@mlon - thanks for the xrns, going to test now that I was brutally kicked out of the EastWest wing… :)

mlon - do I need to do anything special with that xrns?
I put the plugin (only the one that is needed) in renoise plugins folder, and played the XRNS, I hear some sounds but nothing even resembles a word.

Nevermind, this farbrausch thing is not for me.
It hanged Renoise twice, which is my hard limit for VST tests…

Yes, that’s the one!

Icarus: There is also Virsyn Cantor, here’s a demo of it when it first appeared some years ago.

Apparently version 2 is supposed to sound better and more intelligeble. I was interested in this software when it came out but I just refuse to buy software with copy protection, so it’s not for me.

Hey thanks, they look interesting. Will most definitely check them later at home.
When you say copy protection, you mean a hardware plug? Yes, thats kinda frustrating.
You want to be a “good citizen” and you get punished with all sorts of “Accessories” … :)

Hey kaneel… whats with the flashy epileptic signature gif… this is not myspace you know… :)

Oh shit I’ve got one of these here somewhere… wtf is it called… OH YES…


:lol: … seriously though, there’s an east/west library that does singing TTS… it seems to kick ass, but it only does choir stuffs.

drat… seems you guys beat me to it. I’ll stfunowkthx.

Check out It-Alien’s orchestral work, I believe he uses the East-West Quantum Choir,
tho without the text-to-speech VST (it doesn’t work in Renoise), but you can check
the realistic sound at least! Been trying to get my hands on it for some time now…

On the other hand, BYTE-Smasher has a point! In one of my tracks I recorded me
and a friend singing for 36 times, layered them up and sampled THAT for my very
own choir. Now, that was years ago so life can only have gotten easier!
It worked like a charm :) I have the track online if you’re interested in hearing.
But hey: microphone W0RKS

You mean hes working on the standalong version and creating samples that are then used in renoise?
Why doesnt the VST work anyone knows?

Where can I listen?

Just a note here - singing is NOT my thing. Especially not singing like a girl :)
Besides, I see it as a challenge.
In the same way that demosceners like to create 3D animations in the smallest executable possible, even if they can make it look much nicer using full blown renderings, I like to create sounds completely by a computer, even if it sounds a little less realistic.

Id rather create mediocre computer synthesized vocals, than mediocre vocal recordings of myself.
At least with the synthesized vocals I have an excuse - “hey its the software, not me” :)