Single "Say It", and teasers of retro synth concept EP

Hi folks,

I’m very much a hobbyist musician, and haven’t been active for a long, long time - but recently I started a couple of projects in lockdown, and thought I’d share. I’m working on a synth “concept EP” with inspirations from all over the place: synthwave, glitch, trance, 70s/80s… going to be four (maybe five?) tracks, three of which are mostly complete. I’ve got some “teaser” samples up on SoundCloud.

I also took a break from working on that to play around with some retro samples for a bit, and almost by accident came up with a super-dirty overdriven bass sound to go with it, so knocked out a little single “Say It”. That’s up on Deezer and Tidal, with more coming soon; this is my first experiment with actually releasing anything and it’s still going through the distribution process.

I’m on Twitter @DepthbufferM if anyone’s interested in hearing when the EP is done!


nice intro on battleground!