Single- step Playback?

Is it possible to single-step play through a pattern?

I have an arpeggio with a couple of notes which I’m not happy with. Usually I have to slow my pattern right down to fix this kind of problem. Is there not a way to step playback through the pattern one line at a time?

The ‘Return/Enter’ key is usually mapped to ‘Play current Line’.

Play and Record

  • Space: Start/Stop playing.
  • Enter: Only play the line that the cursor is on (play step by step).
  • Right Alt: Start playing and looping the current pattern.
  • Right Ctrl: Start playing the song.
  • Right Shift: Start playing the song with Edit Mode enabled.
  • Escape: Toggle Edit Mode.
  • Numpad Enter: Activate Block Loop and start playing.

Hahaha. @4tey - I hope you feel appreciated this time! :slight_smile: You’re legend. I can’t believe after all this time of using Renoise I never hit the Enter key once. Unbelievable! Perfect - and thank you. Typical programmer I am - can figure out some pretty tricky stuff but never figure out the obvious… or RTFM :wink:

I did discover ther LeftShift+RightCtrl combination today on my own though, so you can be proud of me for that.

Thanks again! I’ll nail this arpeggio now.


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