Super RobCo Disco Battle started as a Sunday afternoon project in mid-June 2013. The idea was to create a classic arcade battle melody spiced up with a techy Disco groove. It took around half a day to compose the basic melodies and two more studio sessions with Artfx! to pimp it up with a jumpy Sega bassline, self-made arcade sound effects, additional Disco percussions & an awesome mastering.

An early beta version of the track has been released in issue #14 of the weekly Chiptune Podcast “This Week in Chiptune” by DJ Cutman.

Super RobCo Disco Battle was created using Renoise & Cubase. The lead and some of the bass samples are from the NES & the Sega Mega Drive. The Chiptune arps have entirely been designed in Renoise.

Best regards - Dualtrax

Link is broken, fix it.

I feel old, good dualtrax through the melodies (characteristic dual lead), it’s like XM pumped up (I bet it will be great experience to listen it at the party or something like that). I like it, technically well done.

hey thanks! the link works perfectly fine for me… I started tracking when I was 15 and I’am 29 now. I love tracking the same way I did 14 years ago. Of course a lot of thing have changed since than but it is always a great feeling to finish a new tune and get feedback from all kinds of people. :)