Single Track -> Multiple Plugins

Stupid question.

How do I associate one track with more than one instrument plugin?
This seems like a question that must have been asked a million times before, but I have searched ‘Multiple plugins’ ‘More than one plugin’ and various others on the forums, and in the wiki with no success.

Is it some variant on plugin aliasing? I know how to do more complex stuff with DSP stuff due to the meta-effects, but can’t see an obvious way to do it

There is no “hard link” between a track and an instrument in Renoise.
In other DAW’s, you are often asked if you want to create a MIDI or Audio track but in Renoise, you can mix them as you’d please (place notes wherever you like).

Basically, each instrument is comprised of any of these three components:

  • Samples (including keyzone, envelopes etc.)
  • Plugin (an external synth plugin, such as VST etc.)
  • MIDI (to trigger external gear or software)

Samples are able to play in any number of channels at the same time, but plugins are different - the output of a (single-channel) plugin can only be routed to a single track at a time.
For this reason, you also have the option to configure which track should receive the audio from the plugin - see the Instrument Settings > Plugin > Output tab … Otherwise you might get some strange artifacts in the sound when moving through tracks, as your synth is being processed by a different track DSP chain from one moment to the other

So, you’re saying that if I have C4-00 then it’s C4-00… and nothing can ever change that? If so, fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to clarify!

Ah, perhaps you mean the ability to “stack” instruments?
What I wrote is still true, but perhaps you are looking for a way to trigger multiple instruments then?

There are a couple of ways to achieve this:

  • Define a MIDI input that enables track routing (use the instrument’s MIDI input tab for this purpose).
    You can attach several instruments to the same MIDI controller, no problem.

  • Use something like the MIDI management tool.
    The tool features “note propagation”, which means that you can write a single note and see it appear in multiple tracks.

You’re correct. Stacking instruments is what I was after.

I managed to do it using your former method: hard-locking the tracks of the instruments to the ones I wanted and overriding the midi-in to my controller on both instruments via the midi tab on the instruments. A bit kludgey, but certainly worked. Thanks!