Siphonophore (deep sea music)

Deep down there is something magnificient.

I’ve used Renoise for composing (as always), in this case almost every sound is made with u-he Hive.
Then I exported the stems to Reaper for mastering.


This reminded me of that great movie The Abyss and how long it’s been since I ve seen it.Good work but too short.:blush:


Missed this earlier but today my brain triggered on Siphonophore*. They are wonderful entities! Anyways, lovely little tune. But as stoiximan said, (way) too short! Please make an extended version.

ps. I like the cover art a lot.

*My autocorrect 'corrects Spiphonophore to Stereophonic.

Thanks, glad you like it.
I was told so often that my tracks are too long, now I’m on the opposite extreme :laughing:

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