Sites With Free Books

apparently they only cater to u.s. residents, but i guess if you want something, you can always get it.

has free ebooks and interestingly odd stuff.

Not actually books, but erotic stories. Some of them are actually good. Some are some teen wet dreams who has never had some. But oh well, atleast they have rating system. :)

Awesome mural choice!

Let’s not forget:

Biggest collection of everything, including books.

just curious… are there more writers among us ?

if i set my mind to it. i was thinking i could be a near & distant future scifi writer.
my main problem with all scifi though, is the bleakness & distopic view portrayed in nearly everything I’ve read or gleaned.

I’ve noticed a few things with scifi writers, they never counted on mankind being so stubborn yet so adaptable. they really never took into account how faulty & fragmented technology would get because of capitalism. they were dreamers who chose to dream nightmares, for us in the future to live in them. paranoid assholes most of them. being a voyeur isn’t all that bad really, when you find out about it, it’s mind blowing… then you realize you aren’t really going to hell, i just think it’s far worse being brain damaged in the wrong stage of evolution!