Situations Within Me

Since I realized making people pay for stuff is a very silly idea, I went ahead and released this for free (under CC Attribution):

SoundCloud quality is horrible, but let me know what you think :)

thanks for sharing!

Quite some enjoyable refreshing sounds and scheme there.
If one likes chiptunes, one will definately like this.

I notice some resemblence to MadCow, though not much. (Only the wild and jumpy style)

Thanks for the comments guys :)

vV: Haven’t heard about MadCow, will check him out. I am indeed quite addicted to making ‘changing’ tracks, which is probably what you’re referring to :P

Downloaded and enjoying it!

I’m sorry, it was Dreamer of the Flying cows (i was somewhere in the correct neighbourhood)

But sometimes it also has a bit of this:

“Banana split” is so awesome \o/ It’s one of those tracks I’ve been listening to for hours. Hopefully, it’s had some kind of influence on me, but that’s just wishful thinking from here.
Never heard of the cow track, but it’s so far out that it’s epic! I doubt I could ever make such a big dose of crazy, though :P