Ska Rocksteady Reggae Chord Sound with Keyboard / Renoise?

i like old jamaica sound but can not play the guitar chords


Is it possible to use a keyboard / renoise to emulate up (and downstrokes) in conjunction with closed / open chords to create a similar sound rhythmic?

guitar example

my own experiments with renoise, yamaha reface dx and guitar pedals sounds boring …

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Not for cheap, unfortunately… cheap guitar libraries sounds pretty lame and don’t usually come with closed/open chords & up/down strokes. You’ll probably have to look into dropping a pretty penny on a higher end library for Kontakt, especially if you’re also looking for those vintage tones


i’m past year on this east-west train, it’s 19$ monthly with almost all of their instruments…
you can hear examples here, all sounds except drums are from their libraries (and except whistle in first track :D)

my 2 cents

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samples of a guitar reggae strum are inside this track:

I can make more guitar strumming tracks if you want.

The scheme for this track was Fmaj7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Am/D

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thanks for your answers and sorry for my delay

Timbre is for me more interested as the sound / samples (can practice on the guitar )
would be more fun to have a similar synthesizer sounds, rhythmic chords
sadly a keyboard (piano) or drumpad is designed only for downstrokes

theres a lot tutorials on yt, how create dub-techno chords, but there are “all” open with a lot reverb/delay etc.
some early tracks are different
Example: (2:30)

don’t nothing about the Sound in the Backround (Chords?) but the timbre is (for me) very similar to a ska guitar,
In any case, the delay times are short, it sounds dry

a compare to ska “without” guitar

thanks EatMe !! (I’m just about to write one answer before)

also thnx for your song/samples, crazy bassline, like it
did you ply guitar?
when you want try (samples or guitar or ?) here are some notes to stir it up
the guitar / bass samples are cheap and false, I have no idea how create a simple sinus wave (as start point) in tune (tempered mood, concert pitch)

What gets used often on guitar strumming is a Wah.

Basicly it’s a pedal controlling a (high pass or band pass) filter.

You can imitate this with LFO (Reset) -> Hydra -> Filter(s).

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Can you please ask for guitar schemes in the following format:

Chord Scheme:

for your latest request, it was:
BPM: 74
signature: 2/4
Cord Scheme:
| A | A | D | E |

  • with halftime strikes
  • with a repeat up to (128) bars
  • ending: | A |

I will make that now, wait a minute… (PS it all comes from the computer)

here are some notes

b3 organ.wav
trombone short part take 1.wav
trombone short part take 2.wav

Johnatan Poorman - A A D E.wav

74 BPM
| A | A | D | E |
over 8 counts x 128 bars / 4 bars = 32 times repeated,
outro: | A |
intro: 8 counts

7m57s (incl. silent intro) of upstirring guitar and bass and b3 organ, and drums, and the trombone are two shorter parts (could not get the trombonist to play for 7 minutes)!

all files have a 8 count intro, so be aware to trigger them 8 counts before they need to play.

Download links will be ded in 6-12-2019 (2 weeks). Please go to soundcloud otherwise.

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thanks a lot Eat Me
very impressive what you give me there
chords never interested me, a new world opens up, write here if time a little more