Skale 0.8 Released

Skale tracker reaches version 0.8

the most interesting new feature are, in my opinion:

  • AKAI and SF2 support
  • 256 samples per instrument
  • 4 velocity sample layers

you know I really feel the need for such stuff in ReNoise :wub:

Before we start adding these features, we can at least guarantee that all the already implemented features work 100%. Just imho, please dont use this as a skale vs. renoise fight. I just dont like that “It has all, but nothing really works” software developing philosophy.

100% agree, of course. Just wanted to give people the news.

I still won’t even open Skale :rolleyes:

taktik, please implement Space Invaders into Renoise! I really feel the need for such stuff in Renoise :w00t: :rolleyes: :D

Why can’t we all just… Get along!!! :rolleyes:

Oh, and i’s always nice to see progress elsewhere too!

Hh… I wants 1hcompo!!!

Hehe, maybe I should suggest that for the skale-folks? Since it’s so damned scene-related, why not go all the way and implement some IRC-client with a possibility to act as OHC-server!! Now, i KNOW lots and lots of people would like that…

Fukkit, implement that in Renoise! Pleseee! :P

Hihi, don’t take me seriously…

I just tried to get SkaleVSTi to work in Renoise, really just for the hell of it… Well it does’nt work, maybe i should report it as a bug in “[VST] - Renoise 1.5 Bugreports”? heheheha nahh… :rolleyes:


Tried that too, damnd if it didn’t work… :P

The akai-support is a sweet feature, tho it’s just as easy to make my own multisampled RNI’s based on the sampled octaves…

hm, does that make sense?

VSTi works in Skale now. However, no midi out just yet. It’s coming up though.

Everybody should see VSTi as a priority ;). Then you could use any VST host in any other VST host and everybody would be happy since everybody would get the features they want ;).

Never mind, though :D.


The first song I opened played wrong in the new version of Skale. Buggy as hell. I still use 0.76… Well, for OHC compos. If only Renoise could save to .xm…

me applauds :yeah:

however, i’d love to have SF2-instrument loading in ReNoise. that’d rock.

I totally agree!!!

I use sfz for that now, but it eats CPU at irrational rate considering that it just plays back samples…

/me seconds that!

SF2 isn’t just a playback of more samples, the samples could also be layered and have different filters.
As martinal said, they would probably not be able to make a more optimized soudfont player, than a company with fulltime employes who made a specialized soundfont player.

But he could be wrong…

The advantage would be that you would be able to have support for tracker commands and hopefully automation.

The soundfont engine in Skale does not sound correct…I havn’t been able to play any of my soundfonts right in Skale…

I think a major part of the CPU usage of sfz comes of it’s really good sample interpolation. In Renoise we have a worse (but less cpu-eating) kind of interpolation when not-rendering, so I think it would save CPU to be able to play soundfonts with Renoise.

As far as I know we have a bicubic realtime interpolation in Renoise.
Not that my PC is too slow but I’d love to have a simple linear interpolation without setting my performance to ‘mid’ or ‘low’. I mean, still having reverb, but using an optional linear interpolation would be nice. Just in case I wanna beat the hell out of my CPU. But for music, not for interpolation.
The reason: While I’m working in realtime in Renoise, I don’t really care how much better the bicubic interpolation would sound compared to the linear.
Now don’t tell me I’m too oldskool. I’m not. It just makes more sense to me to use the CPU power for realtime-working and not for a very high quality that I wouldn’t hear immediately.
I know, some people would like to tell me that they even hear the difference between bicubic and sinc. It’s okay, but once your 2Ghz CPU goes nuts, do you want to switch off reverb then or would you like to try a linear interpolation?

what features are referring to Taktik? and when can we expect them? 1.6?
im sooo happy with 1.5 btw :)