Skale Tracker Is f****ing Over

purchasing renoise … smartest thing I’ve done since … well … a long time

still finding my way through it, so this was whooped up for learning-curve purposes:

BotB - Skale Tracker is f****ing Over

… yeah, with a wink to Snares (wink ;) )

Thats pretty damn hardcore! :yeah:

And good luck on uncovering the 1001 (?) secrets of renoise waiting for ya :D

I dig your learning curve!!! :D

Hardcore motherf*ckers will NEVER die!!! :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I salute BotB because we really need some different stuff in this community :yeah:

taking into account what this is supposed to represent, it’s a well executed job. nice labour on the breaks! i like the fact that you tried to avoid linearity most of the time.
even though i’m not a fan of this kinda stuff since years anymore, i gotta admit i kinda liked your choon overall.

Massive cheers for all the feedback guys !!
Very well appreciated !! Though still seeying I didn’t use half
the options this lil proggy has to offer, hehehe … !

So Aaron uses Renoise too … ? I thought he was a Reasoner … hmmm

i thought he used octamed…? :unsure:
his newest is the best thing thats happened this year.
you guys are talking about snaresman right?

botb respect.
good to have you here :D

you missed some awesome deconstruction in Tilburg dude …
he made up for it, serving our intestines on silver plates :yeah:

Great song. Between 1:10 and 1:48 seems a little repetative (like a cd skipping sort of sound) but when that motif is repeated at 3:17 it gets varied more and works great.

Overall it’s really a great song. Great job!

Yeah, I kinda agreed … so I had some fun with the automation …
Also having fun with that Width setting … and LFO … and whatnots


for people who like this sorta thing … re-link !…_(renoised).mp3

When it comes to the rest of the mix, the new version is really cool, but the main instrument being used for the melody doesn’t sound as hardcore to me as the previous mix. In addition to the key being changed, the instrument now has a, I think a major 7th (an octave up minus a halfstep), included in the sound of the sample now, and it changes the straightforward sounding notes of that instrument that gave it the power-chord sound. If the change in the instrument was based on octaves instead of the major 7th it would still have that hardcore sound.

I think this tune is crazy but some sort of f****ing cool :) The breakx are insane and the drums really kick it loud.

Really strange stuff but in some ways I like it. The melody is too weird and after 2 minutes I tend to turn of my stereo because this song is so agressive :) But I am listening to this song in my car and so I drive faster and faster…

(Dopefish tried to continue this message but got jailed because he drove 180 mph)


:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Yay, finally BotB started using teh Renoise! I can already hear the soundqaulity itself is zillions times better then sk@le, so there’s a bright future comin’ up for ya (or should I say dark?)

Unz Unz Unz :drummer:

Now make more remixes like House of Cards one and I’m a happy man :D