Skin Contact - Not Convinced (beatslaughter's Human Blood Remix)

Here is a remix i’ve recently finished for Skin Contact. Not to sure what style this is, but hope it’s enjoyable anyway. :)

Download (6,2mb OGG | 5:11 mins)

The original song “Not Convinced” can be heard at his Virb page for reference. It’s quite different from my Remix.

Hey mr Slaughter!

I’ll type random points as I’m hearing the tune for the 2nd time.

  • As per usual your percussion work is excellent.
  • The mix is great, lots of lo-fi, lots of noise, and no fatigue.
  • I like how your percussion relate to your other parts - how some parts are percussion, some are tonal, most are both. Since your percussion is so strong it allows you to be more creative with your other parts I think.
  • The ambience is great - it’s not too dry or wet.
  • I was waiting for a restful bridge of some sort - something less busy and more raw. (I was thinking something before the boom boom section at 2:50).

Thanks Mick for your opinion! The plan was originally to have a nice drone like athmo part instead of the “techno” section, but as i was already quite off from the original i’ve decided to bring some elements from it back, so it has a bit more recognition value instead. Also i didn’t get too much athmos out of the stem tracks to work with, to which i have restricted myself mainly despite some one shot drums and the vocal.

Intensive sounds, nice drums. Especially the sequence with the hardcore basedrum fits good.

The remix is now featured on a free promo EP by Skin Contact called “comedown”. More info and download available here:

What’s with posting OGG? Now I gotta get a plugin to play it. :)

Because i do prefer OGG and it’s widely supported already. On the other hand the site linked above has a MP3 version online. ;)

Eh, I already got the plugin. Nice track though. Some beefy sounds.

Future doom! I like it! Well done! :ph34r: