Skip Black Keys When Generating Drum Kits?

Is there a way to do this, so it just puts the samples on white notes?

This is not possible. I have to ask… why is this a problem for you in the first place?

It’s a racist thing. Hehe no. I program some beats with the midi keyboard and it would be easier to just have the samples right beside each other.

I think he has a MIDI keyboard at which the flags and wholes are laying very close to each other… that makes drumming a bit nitpicking…
If you have to do this on the PC keyboard, this is even worse.

this would be a nice option indeed. ^^

yeah this would be a really nice option indeed :dribble:

Well, that would require some kind of extended splitmap manager to do all this. Only building a function to skip keys is nitpick labor if you can also add stuff like “assign each sample to x semitones”.

Or you can do it manually ^^

Adding a sample to a range of notes is something I really, really want when xrnis are revamped.