Skip pattern and skip pattern section option in pattern matrix and make sections collapsable

Have two minimally invasive ideas for the pattern editor.

It would great if one could mute/skip whole pattern rows just like you can X out individual patterns, by simply clicking on the pattern number while holding another key (so the pattern number would get greyed out, or replaced by a X or S for Skip). This should also work on section headers in the pattern editor which would automatically make all the pattern underneath it be set to mute/skip till the there is another header

Headers almost function like groups now anyway, if you select them, all the patterns underneath them get selected as well, please add a little downward arrow symbol in the empty black area where there usually is the pattern number (on pattern rows) so on can collapse pattern sections to a single row/group.

This would allow to test out different versions of verses, choruses, sections, etc. You could then just collapse the ones you don’t like and make them skip and then maybe later copy, drag and activate them to another place in the arrangement. Would make arranging so much easier and flexible without having to introduce new features like a pattern pool, etc. All it really takes would be a simple arrow symbol and a S or X.

Can gladly do a Photoshop mockup if it helps.