Skipping Patterns During Playback

The ability to mark certain patterns in the Pattern Sequencer which then will be skipped during playback would be a helpful feature.

This suggestion was already posted by tregie in another thread during the 1.9 Beta tests.…ost&p=99473

This has my +1 !!

I often need this feature but never thought about posting it.

If you don’t want to listen to them just delete them, obviously they don’t belong there.

My previous post lacked some kind of motivation. Consider the case having a pattern sequence 1-2-2*-3, containing a certain pattern (2) and a slightly altered “copy” of it (2*).

Let’s say you are undecided whether pattern 2 or 2* fits into your song. Then it would be useful to be able to switch between playing 1-2-3 and 1-2*-3 by simply skipping the unwanted pattern.

If there was some kind of ability to choose specific patterns from a “pool” of all patterns in your song - arranging them in different pattern sequences - then you’d probably be on your way to a full-fledged and already discussed native arranger in Renoise.

For the time being, having the features in mind that are implemented right now, it might be the more straight forward method to enhance the current pattern sequencer with the suggested option instead.

Ok, I got what you’re sayin. Sounds like a good idea then. But for now just ctrl+x the patterns you wanna skip over, then ctrl+z. Repeat for the alternate pattern as well.

It’s ghetto, but oh well, we can’t all be millionaires. :rolleyes: