Hey all! Renoise n00b here trying to learn the ins and outs of the program.

Just wanted to share a little experiment I put together. I pretty much have just the stock instruments/samples and the packs you get for registering, so it’s not super polished, but whatever. I’ll find more in time.

Any tips or suggestions for improvement are much appreciated!

Reuploaded to try to make some of the crashes less harsh. Didn’t work too well, though, heh, I probably have to ditch some notes somewhere…

Lame excuse to bump but w/e lol

Great composition for sure. How long did this track take you? Maybe you could try layering some of the drums to make them punchier?

Thanks! :D

I think the initial draft took me about 1.5-2 days worth of sitting at the computer all day. I’ve been revising it over the past couple of weeks, though, the latest (and hopefully final) mix having been uploaded about 3 hours ago.

I’m not sure how much more drum I could get without it becoming ear-piercing, lol. Maybe if I had used some heavier, less tinny samples…

I like the composition and old school synth sounds. I agree that the track would be way cooler with more nasty percussion sounds. Maybe more distorted percussion. Nice track though.

i’m not fan of the entire track but the part with the solo chiptune music is one of the best i’have heard. make it longer , with an amen break or something else .