Skrillex - Make It Bun Dem ( Dead By Silence Rmx)

i’ve just thank (thanks to pixel tiger) the skrillex contest. so i made this track in one day rushing to get ready before the deadline.

it’s pretty hard dubstep. in fact it could perhaps been named as some kind of slow breakcore.`
anyway enough blabla bla you tell me what you think of this !

Wow, it goes hard! REALLY HARD. Relentless. I can definitely see the breakcore elements. I really like that gating effect you put on the vocal sample just before the second attack happens! Nice work man! :D

nu version

Very heavy, more experimental, lots of noise but its not so simple to make complex driller :)

Great journey, great journey. ;)

Nice and heavy although it does get a little bit repetitive. Saying it was pretty much made in a day I guess that can be forgiven though ;)