Skull Candy 50% Off

So, not that I’d recommend Skull Candy to any serious audio nerd, but Skull Candy is a client of ours, and just provided a 50% promo code, and asked us to share it. So, here ye be.

Use the code ‘RETURNPATH50’ at for 50% off anything.

Here’s the fine print I was provided:

Hope this helps someone! Rock on! :yeah:

Available worldwide or US only? Timelimited?

Well I’m in UK and prices are GBP and it seems to work in Checkout:

Expiry date if there is one would still be good to know. Not that I’d use it myself but I assume this is good to share yeah? Maybe not openly to everywhere but to friends if they’re interested…

Sorry, I have no idea. I wasn’t provided an expiry. appears to ship internationally though, so I’d imagine that would work.

ah yes, the “only one cord connected to two speakers” design.

I, for one, have had far too many pairs of airplane headphones cut in and out on one ear for me to trust a pair like that.

It doesn’t even matter if they’ve improved their durability; the memories are still scarred into my psyche.