Skyscrapers dream of dancing free over the city

Hi all, hope everyone is keeping safe :heart: I am shy about sharing music but I am working on new things and I thought I would share what I have been working on in case anybody wanted to listen. I sometimes have a story or a scene in my head and then I try to make music for it and that is what I did here. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile: (best with headphones)

Please stay safe,


i really like it. It’s different and original. To me at least. Not my usual cup of tea but very good. Keep it up .

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Thanks for taking the time to listen!

Made a couple tracks recently of a different vein

For this next one, I had become nostalgic recently about riding the subway in NY as a child (one of my first memories) and put together this short video. Music was made entirely in Renoise and the video footage edited in Blender from the documentary Style Wars

Thank you for taking the time to listen. Stay safe!

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