Slaving Renoise To Ableton And Vice-versa

I recently was able (through the use of midi yoke) to get renoise slaved under ableton live on my laptop. Very nice since it is so much easier to make tracks in renoise and so easy to record in ableton.

the problem------ I have been unable to duplicate this behavior on my dell laptop in the studio.

does anyone have any insight as to any master settings outside the programs that may be affecting this behavior? as it stands all the same check boxes are clicked and im even using the same song files so i don’t see what would be the cause of this.


is anyone here using these two programs together?

Well, the basic checklist is:
-Is the midiclock slave button triggered?
-Does your MIDI-IN device matches with the correct MIDI device in your Midi-clock slave configuration? (some people think they should use MIDI Yoke as In-device only while this is not true)

-Is Ableton set to send SPP clock to Renoise?

It might also help to use a different MIDI Yoke channel for the MIDI clock slave/master link and another for MIDI in.

that did the trick… thanks a ton!