Slice markers & reverse playback - possible?

When using slice markers with reverse playback, the playback stops at the beginning of the marker. I would like to activate a slice marker together with the reverse command and have the sample play backwards from the point of the slice marker. Right now the workaround is to reverse the whole sample or parts of it and let them play forward…

Usually the answer would be to enable this little guy 3.0_waveform-slicestop.png(next to the slice tools in the waveform editor, can be toggled when the ‘master’ sample is selected)

It toggles between “play slice part only” or “play entire sample, starting from the slice marker”

However, playing this in reverse will in fact play from the very end of the sample - that makes sense, as contiguous playback goes to the very end.

But I think enabling contiguous playback on a reversed sample would achieve what you want?

exactly. I think I tried that button (using it often with forwards playback) and it didn’t work with reverse. But yes, that would fix it :slight_smile: