Slice Markers & Transpose Note...


I’m having an unresolved issue in Renoise. When using slice markers over a sample, and then recording those slice positions on the Pattern Editor grid, how do I then transpose the note of a particular sample?

‘Transpose Note’ function in pattern editor screen, doesn’t work when applied to a recorded sample that triggers from a slice marker position? Am I making sense?

Try transposing with pattern commands, this works ;)

What do you mean? Seriously this is driving me crazy, how do I do this?

you can use Uxx and Dxx for pitch slides, but they may not be fast enough for what you want to do ‘^’

EDIT: i found a solution: set ticks per line to 1 and use Uxx and Dxx for instant transposition =w=

If you need help with pattern commands, there is a button “FX” below the pattern editor next to vol, delay and pan button. From there, select “Sample Commands”, and select the one you want. Also check the manual.

Bingo! This works, thank you so much!