Slice Markers

so you got slice markers…01,01,0A,0B etc…why not adding the same numbering on the left side where the sliced notes (markers-) list appears. noone would have to search for the samples then…

You mean like this?

erm yea!

I believe just scrolling the outer right frame of the sample list a bit more to the right would do then (that was an actual screenshot)

In hindsight, we could perhaps show the slice marker index somewhere on the left, to avoid that it gets hidden by very long sample names.

erm yea ^_^

Next to the note-assignment column i reckon…

I see you have padsynth samples there, did you get Padsynth to work on R3 vV?

Nopes, that is just my template song (inherited from 2.8) that loads up with those samples :)