Slice ( non destructive ) issue

I almsot never use the slicing tool , but now asince I purchased an old yamaha tg77 I use it for sampling certina octaves
There is problem however , Let’s say I sample two octaves ( in one big file ) and then manually add slices ( non destructive )
The first slice added at the verry beginning of the file ( key c3 ) plays the whole recording ( when note is held ) , key C#3 actually plays slice 1 , so we have two keys playing the exact slice ( c3 plays the whole file , c# plays it correct but it should be mapped to c3)
I could transpose the whole instrument but that’s not desirable since I don’t want to keep it as original as possible
Since it 's non destructive , mapping doesn’t work either
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Not when using NON-destructive mode , whihc is why I created this topic in the first place :slight_smile:

Go into the Keyzones area, look at the top right, where it says Drum Kit.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 3.37.54 PM

Change the “from” note to B-2, then hit the Drum Kit button again. Everything should map as you’d expect.


You could also just drag the first keyzone-mapped sample to C-0 or something to get it out of the way, so it would be almost impossible to trigger by mistake.

Guys seriously , I am well aware of all the suggestions but this does NOT work in NON destructive mode

It absolutely does work for me.

Ah yes , you’re right
I never even bothered reading this verry important second sentence , because I stopped reading after ‘automatically mapped’
Ladies and gentlemen , I am an idiot


Ladies and gentlemen , I am an idiot

Not at all, and I am glad you brought this up because I learned a few things.


Way to go boys!
I wish everyone would behave so respectful around here.

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