Slice Settings - Retain Multi Sample Selection While Auditioning Globa

Say I’ve got a breakbeat. I slice it up by transient. I want to adjust the volume envelope properties for ALL slices simultaneously: simple, I just select all the slices in the vertical list and then make the changes.


While I’m making changes like this, I usually want to audition/preview the change that I’ve made to see if it’s right. I hit my MIDI drumpad controller (or whatever). As soon as I do this, the relevant note’s slice is exclusively selected and the others are all deselected, so I have to select all the slices again to make another small global tweak to the envelopes. This gets quickly frustrating if you’ve got lots of slices and have to select, scroll, shift+select every time.

Solution? I dunno. A ‘persist selection’ tickbox? Different behaviour when playing a note? Current behaviour makes sense, though, so if it was just overridden optionally by a tickbox, that might be best.

You can turn that off in the sample keyzone and Sample editor (Auto-select Played).

I don’t know if I get you correctly, but…

what if you de-select the ‘auto select played’ button in the top left of the sample editor, ctrl-a in the sample list while having the original, first sample selected. Now you can play the hits without the selection changing.

edit: beat by a minute :wink:

Durrr, thanks! There’s no ‘embarrassed’ emoticon; oh well.