Slice Uf Samples

I would like to play (triggger start) different sections of a sample in sampleeditor with my midi controller.

Like an akai sampler does it…


More midi support.

you could try to make a multisampled instrument by cutting
and pasting your way downward in the sample edit and assign
the different samples to a midicontroller in the instrument edit

blah… Yes please. I know.

read: play (triggger start) different sections of a sample in sampleeditor with my midi controller.

I suggested something similar a week ago:

this would be great even if it’s now possible with a little more effort…

Yes, please implement this. I was just going to suggest the same thing, good that I checked existing posts first :)

The problem with multisampled instruments is, that you can’t simply trigger the sample somewhere in the middle, and let it play as long as you hold the key. Playback stops at the end of a sample that is assigned to a specific key. This is good for making a drumset or multisampled piano for example, but bad for loops and slicing work. Of course there is 09xx command, making this possible in pattern editor, but you can’t use it for live recording.

It would be nice, indeed. AFAIK it has been suggested in the past already. The 09xx command is not always good, because it’s not precise enough on long samples.

Here’s my idea how this could be done…

Instruments have two modes:

1. Multisample
That’s what we have now, no changes there.

2. Sliced sample
Is this mode, the interface is the same as now, except that there is possibility to put slice and region markers to the sample in slot 00. You also use the existing instrument editor for assigning slices to keys.

  • each marker/region is automatically named with HEX number from 01 to FF
  • when you add new marker, a “virtual sample” (explanation follows) is automatically shown in a sample slot with the marker’s number
    – if you used a slice marker, the whole sample, beginning at the marker, is shown
    – if you used a region marker, only that region is shown (like if you copy&paste part of the sample now)

Virtual sample
It is not real sample, but just “a view” at the original sample in the slot 00. That’s why:

  • it can’t be edited destructively
  • if the original sample is destructively edited (e.g. normalized or something), changes also affect it’s virtual samples
  • you can use any function in “sample properties” on it, independently of main sample in slot 00 (e.g. looping, transposing…). That’s because this functions don’t actually change the sample.
  • you can also use 09xx command with it in pattern editor

What do you think? Any other suggestions? Taktik? :)

I like the sliced sample idea, knowing how easy it is to do this in ReCycle or Sound Forge. In fact these two do it so well, there’s no real need to put it into Renoise (although I’d give them mad kudos if they did). All Renoise would have to do is read the SF Marker track, which is included in the .wav file header, and I think the same goes for pretty much any audio editor. Recycle files are a little different. But once it got those slice markers, it could just assign each one a hex value, and you trigger it through something like 09xx.


How do you do this in Sound Forge??