Mapping Sample Offset

I thought it would be really cool if instead of just mapping a sample with different pitch on each key, I could have a loop with the same pitch but with different sample offset on each key. So when recording, the right sample offset would be auto inserted into the effect column.

Figure it would be a fast way to make breakbeats, kinda like mapping a drumkit, but still keeping the loop intact. And a faster way than manually entering sample offset, plus also hearing the loop playing from the right offset instantly when pressing the key.

I’t would be nice, but in the mixing phase it will really slow down the workflow, because the kick,snare,hi-hats are in the same pattern.

but for sketching and/or playing beats real time, this idea has potential.

I’m not sure if I understand why it would slow down mixing?

The result would be the same as entering sample offset manually to chop up breakbeats. But instead you would simply map a bunch of keys to play the loop at the same pitch, but each with different sample offset.

This way you could record amen cutups on the fly. Not only beats, any loops. It could be a great live tool, especially with some nice quantize function.

It seems to me, like making sample offset part of zone mapping , as previously described here, might be a better solution. This will also effectively accomplish what you’re describing, but without the inherent limitations of the 09xx command.

Yeah, the ideas are pretty similar. Seems I missed your topic.

Well I just thought it would be an easy implementation to use the existing 09xx command, which people already use to chop up loops.

I made a little test recording chopped up breakbeats live, pressing the keys pretty randomly. I didn’t sound good while playing since there’s no quantize when the sound plays, but the recorded result sounds ok since with no note delay it’s quantized to each line at least.

Now, I used 1.5 so sometimes the notes were placed in the second column overlappng slightly. I was going to post the rns but since I use six versions of the loop to simulate different offset, the file got pretty large.