Sliced / Drum Kit Samples' Envelopes

I don’t know if this is a bug, a feature, or a future request from me ;)

If you got some stuff autosliced, it appears the volume, or pitch, or anything envelopes for the samples have to be the same for every sample in the kit. That is a shame!!
btw I’m using the 2.7 beta.

Yeah, the envelopes are applied on a per-instrument basis. You could copy-paste the slices into new instruments if you want to use different envelopes.

Envelopes per sample has been stated to very likely come in one of the next few updates but as cocoa said above, currently they are per instrument only.

That’s why my drum-rolls failed! I turned it off and assumed it applied to the whole instrument.

Thanks Jenoki!
that was actually just what i was looking for :)