Slicer (Lower Ruler In Sample Editor)

I’d like to see this (in the red box)…

instead of this…

when slicing a sample. Maybe a toggle in the r-click menu or something.
Just an initial thought when I messed around with it.

Also auto slicing by beat (like the snap function) would be lovely. If it’s in there and I missed it I apologize.

[s]This is exactly what it already does?

If you have the ruler set to ‘09 Effect’ and the instrument contains slices, then the ruler will change to show slices when you have the base sample (00) selected.[/s]

I can’t read!

@dblue yes. the bottom picture is what it looks like currently, I would like an option for it to look like the top picture. Because if you manually add slices and the pattern hex vanishes from the lower ruler you loose track of what you’re doing instantly, specially with a longer sample.

Ahh… DUH! :)
Sorry, I read your post completely the wrong way around!
drinks another RedBull and tries to shake this hangover