Slices, adjust start / end position

Hi !

I was teaching some kids Renoise yesterday, we were covering Daft Punk’s One More Time, we sliced the original sample, but I had some troubles adjusting start/end position of slices in the sample.
Is it possible to have overlapping slices ? Is there any mean to adjust start/end position of slices easily ? I could not find how.



Overlapping slices are not possible at the moment. A slice simply begins at a given slice marker, and then its length/duration is determined by the position of the next slice marker (if any are present).

(Technically, you can change the slice playing behaviour so that slices will continue playing past their end point until manually stopped, but I doubt this is what you wanted?)

When working with a sliced instrument, the slice markers can only be viewed/edited from the instrument’s first sample slot. From there, you can easily adjust the markers, zoom in/out of the waveform for more precise editing, use the various snapping options, and so on.

It usually helps to disable the “auto-select sample” feature. This will prevent the waveform editor from automatically jumping to each slice as you play it, and instead allow you to focus on the main waveform and make the necessary adjustments. You can find this toggle switch in the upper left corner of the sampler tab.

4833 renoise-slices.png

Well, not exactly, but it could help for sure. I’m gonna try that.

AAAAHHH ! Thank you ! That was exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, have a good day


Is overlaping feature on developers’ to-do list?