Slices Not Saved To Wavefile (Wav Cue Markers)

Hi. if I’ve got a wavefile with slices in it, and save the wavefile, upon loading the wave to, say SampleManager (which can recognize slices), the wavefile status says 0 slices.

I guess Renoise saves SoundForge-compatible slices, but could the slices be more universal for the .wav format?

expected behaviour: save a wavefile with slice-markers, load same wavefile back to renoise, slice-markers show.
expected behaviour: create slice-markers (marker regions) with soundforge, load it into renoise, renoise reads and displays marker regions.

actual behaviour: renoise does not save slice-markers
actual behaviour: renoise does not load slice-markers/marker regions.

I’m not familiar with the specification but I see slices in Amadeus Pro, e.g. not SoundForge?

Is there more than one way to save slices? Maybe it’s a SampleManager issue?

If you mean the Sliced samples I don’t think they get saved on any platform, they are not the same as the Markers you get when you Render a song.

Yes, I’m talking markers when you render a song. Sorry for any confusion.

well, i don’t expect audacity to be able to handle slice markers.

kazakore, i’m not talking about drumkits i’m just talking about one sample that has slice markers

Doesn’t matter if it’s a drum kit or any other sliced instrument as far as I know the slices are part of the Instrument, not the Sample, and thus not seen in anything outside of Renoise. In fact even loading the Sample (not Instrument) back into Renoise itself and I believe you will get just the Sample, no Slices.

yeah, saved some slice markers in sforge to a wavefile, loaded it into renoise and noticed they weren’t saved. then added some slice markers in renoise to that wavefile, saved that and loaded it in - they’re not saved, or loaded.
also, the sforge-saved-slice-markers- are discarded when renoise saves the wavefile :)

Only loop-markers are supported.
But if you render your song, i believe sequencer positions are saved as marker points with the wave-file for other apps to read it (if they support it), perhaps you were confused with that feature?
It may perhaps not be a problem to save slice markers in a similar way along with the wave file.

i didn’t know one can render a song with markers, altho there’s a vague memory of seeing a screenshot, maybe?

however, being able to save slice markers in a similar way along with the wavefile being saved, would be quite handy. i know it’s a pretty obscure and arcane thing to request or post as a bug report…

Audacitiy developer explains the wav marker feature here: http://forum.audacit…t=55725#p138510

We indeed can’t im/export all the info that a sliced info has with WAV files. It’s not just that and where a “marker” is, but also the key,vel sample mapping, transpose, volume and a bunch of other properties a sample and thus slice can have. But what definitely would not hurt, is saving the markers as WAV chunk “cues” when exporting the main sliced sample. We do use those cues already when rendering a song (add a “cue” marker for every start of a pattern). Please note that not many editors do support such “cue” markers.

What already works now, with any sample editor, is saving all slices sample as individual samples files in Renoise:
Right click on a sliced instrument’s sample list -> Click “Save all Samples…”. This will save slices of the instrument as individual sample file. Including loops and stuff, when present.

Unless this is a hint at some of the changes for 2.8 the sample mapping (keyzone and velocity) are locked to Drum Kit settings for any sliced instrument.

For Importing (loading samples with options) a check-box for “Treat Markers as Slice points” may possibly be an idea? Maybe similar with Save With Options to export as Markers of the same type you get when Rendering a Song…

They are not locked. You can change the drum kit mappings for sliced samples already. But we’re splitting hairs now. Even if it’s not the note/vel map, then there are still a big bunch of other properties you can change per sample.

And well, as said above, such markers are rarely supported in other programs.

You can change the Drum Kit setting and reGenerate Drum Kit but you can not change the mappings as you want!

Which are properties of the Instrument not the Sample! As are the Mapping options mentioned above.

As mentioned by yourself and koppi there are some difficulties. Although I don’t see the problem with a option to save the sample from a sliced instrument with markers the same as Render, nor the option to load a sample which already has markers with these as slice positions.