Slicing a long sample to the length of a pattern?

Have been trying to work out how to ‘slice’ or cut-up a sample that is of greater length than a pattern, in fact several patterns in total length, to the length of a pattern of, say, 64 lines.

I tend to jam over a single pattern, thus creating samples of several patterns in length. I’d like to at least be able to split them up into pattern-sized chunks for easy arranging.

This seems straightforward, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to do this, any help greatly appreciated.

If you “render song to disk” in the “File” menu. The option to “Save each pattern into a seperate file” should slice up your preformance.

Hope this helps :)

In the upper right corner of the sample editor you can activate the snapping and set it to beats, that will help. The measures of the current tempo are displayed below the waveform. The right click menu allows you to copy the selection into a new sample or instrument.

I’ve been doing that actually, it’s rather a longwinded way and requires importing each section back into the song of course, not to mention it takes a while if I have a 12+ minute performance.

Beats corresponds to the beats via the song tempo and not detected beats? Will give that a go, thank you.