Slicing a Sample with Beatsync(Time stretch)

I’m positive that after beatsyncing a sample with timestretch option, not repitch, and slicing that sample manually or with the slice tool there is no way to keep the slices in sync with the main sample without adjusting each slices beatsync.

If I’m missing something can someone help me?

Making slice points via my keyboard on a sample I loaded from the browser that autoset the beatsync length is satisfying on so many levels :drooling_face:

I get a serious case of beat makin’ blue balls when the slices revert to the original tempo of the sample. I use Redux and it’s so feature rich that I think I might be overlooking something :upside_down_face:

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What happens if you first beatsync the sample loop to the correct line amount, then press the T icon in the sample properties and now slice the sample.

Afaik all sliced samples should have the correct tune and transpose settings, similar to the main loop. Not sure about the beatsync line amounts for the slices?

Ah, thank you DJ< you are right, you must hit T BEFORE slicing, then the transpose settings get applied.

For beatsync non-repitch, I think the only way it would work well with automatically applying to slices would be if the slices were even lengths of the main sample.

So if you have a 64 lines loop, make that into 2 even slices.

Then the program could somehow know that and automatically set each slice to 32 line length beatsync loop.

I guess its just tricky how it works, and might be easier to just destructively render the original beat synced loop and play with slices after.

I’ve gotten pretty quick with slicing, so after beatsyncing it’s not too difficult to count the amount of beats between slices. I just use the ruler.

Definitely a plus and super useful that I can sync my slices how I see fit but most of the time I need them as they are when sliced.

I can calculate the beats between slices of my original sample even when they’re not evenly set apart. It would be cool if Renoise/Redux did that by default

I just found it odd that Renoise/Redux defaults to custom beatsync lengths for slices

Ah yeah, and if you set the slices to snap to beats it would be perfect. Yes, that would be a nice feature ! It should be able to figure it out.

Not sure if this is totally germane to the conversation, but if you’re regularly slicing samples with regular rhythmic content AND you have a regular defined loop length, the “chop sample” tool is great, and can save a lot of time and tedium. Really excellent for resampled material already synced to song bpm, imo.

I’ll see if I can find a link to the tool…

Here we go
Chop Sample Tool

Great to use set up with a keybind for quick (regular) slicing

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Wow. Dude that is totally germane to the convo(don’t know what that word means btw)

I’ve been using Redux but literally just copped Renoise. Tools was another reason to take the big step.

Is this thing compatible with 3.4?

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yes it works with 3.4 and is great

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Does it work after beatsyncing or do my samples need to be resampled first? At work rn so I’m away from the Laptop

It simply sets slice markers at even intervals.

Still pretty sweet. Thanks. Anything to speed up the workflow

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