Slide TD-3 from pattern veiw?

Wasn’t really sure where to ask this.

Does anybody here use a Behringer TD-3? I was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to slide or tie midi notes together?

I’m aware of the M0 - M3 commands but M1 doesn’t slide the pitch but does change it. I did figure out how do it with the *instru. MIDI Control Pitchbend. I guess that works pretty well but I am trying to mimic is the portamento that is found when it is programmed onto the TD-3 machine interface. It’s a bit steppy as things are with trackers sometimes. I guess I can just double my LPB for higher resolution.

Does anybody have any expert experience on tracking midi to a TD-3 with Renoise and could give me any pointers?


Doesn’t it slide when you play two overlapping notes, and do accent when your velocity is above a certain value? At least that’s what mine seems to be doing.

Edit: some googling seems to indicate maybe you need to update your firmware?