Sliding Midi And Vst Parameters?

I’m not new to trackers but I’m not all that familiar with renoise’s implementation of certain things.

I can easily set MIDI parameter like pitch bend or CC using an Instrument Automation Meta device and sending pattern effect commands like 10xx to set the pitch.

Now, what I would like to do is to slide the pitch at a specific rate, much like how the 01xx and 02xx commands work.

In earlier trackers I’ve used (Amiga Protracker, Octamed), 01xx and 02xx just increase and decrease the pitch bend value for MIDI but in renoise they seem “dead” for MIDI/VST instruments.

I tried using the LFO meta device in Custom mode set to One Shot. While this works, it is very tedious to trigger this from pattern commands.
A generic way to slide any TrackDSP parameter up or down at a rate specified in the pattern would do the trick!

How do other people do this?

Due to the difference in PitchBend range and implementations those commands are sample only I believe.

You can retrigger the LFO on each note by using a Velocity or Key Tracking Device pointed at LFO Reset. (Obviously monophonic.)

You adverse to using Automation? Commands in the Pattern are executed per line, so you’re not going to get sliding values the way it sounds you want, as you can access each value but only set it per line, not give it a curve like in automation. That’s if you only want occasionally. I don’t see how typing the command to trigger an LFO is any harder than typing the command to slide a value if there was one…

A field to set the pitchbend range in the instrument setting for VST and MIDI instruments could be added if precision is desired.

This could be useful.

My usage of pitch slides (and some other parameters) is tightly coupled to the note material and not just occational. Automation makes it a lot harder to keep things in sync. I don’t see how I make the automation directly visible beside the notes. Perhaps I’m missing something?

I don’t see any major problem with only setting the speed on every line. It will become a piecewise linear curve just like when using 01xx/02xx with sample instruments.

The problem with using an LFO is that selecting different slide speeds, direction and range is a lot more tricky than using 01xx/02xx style pattern commands. Especially direction seemed tricky to me. There is no option to invert the LFO as far as I can see.

Then I would say the Tracker triggering is the way to go for you.

Unfortunately not. There are some nice mockups, think with both Audio Tracks and Automation being displayed vertical by the notes. Maybe one day…

Yeah I can see how that will be a headache! Can be done though, although accuracy may not be what you desire.

Amplitude & Offset will obviously change your Range.
Frequency your slide speed.
To change direct though you will need two LFOs and tell the Tracking device which one it is pointing at if you want to change direction.

Does the MIDI device itself not have stuff that makes this easier? EG assignable Envelopes.

I guess this topic turned into a feature request. :)

If I was to have one wish on this topic it would be: “Slide of Track DSP parameter through pattern effect command”.

Some have, some haven’t. The obvious drawback here would be that each preset must be modified to do this so quickly browsing through sounds won’t be very practical.