Sliding Notes And Vibrato

I write in the pattern editor 2 notes assigned toa VST instrument.



I want it to slide from A to C.
How does it work?
Can I do it with all VST instruments or only with supported ones
or maybe only with samples?

The same questions are for vibrato.
I read the help/manual but it wasn’t much explained on it about these two effects.…ff94abcc1ed7cd1…ff94abcc1ed7cd1

damn, looza was faster :)

let’s add this one, specific for Kontakt:…,and,portamento

huh, and about vibrato:
most of VST instruments have vibrato associated with the modulation wheel.

If this is not your case, find the MIDI CC# associated with vibrato (or set it if possible) and use MidiCCDevice to control it.

well, I did answer this question so often before … lets add it to the faq.

YES SIR!! :D :rolleyes: