Slight Relief (Ambient/Glitch/Vapor)

(Neuro... No Neuro) #1

Working on getting deeper subs and better kick definition while remaining soft, warm, and feathery. All while maintaining my love for Max/MSP-ish clicks and chattering.


Indeed very special and interesting sound!

Not really a video though :wink: I would have expected slowly moving clouds or something.

(orrigans) #3

This is beautiful!

I like the glacial atmosphere, at least it sounds glacial to me. Not so much warm and feathery, haha.

(Neuro... No Neuro) #6

@orrigans Thank you! All except the pad sound is native to Renoise - the pad sound comes from spectral synthesis. I’m out in the middle of the desert, that might have something to do with my perception of the sound :smiley: I WISH it was cold here!

@actor Glad you dig it, this Renoise is something else. I am truly pleased with the results I’m able to get. As for the video, well… Can’t please everyone :smiley: