Slip audio as in Digital Performer

hi all

one thing i would really like in the sample editor is a tool i know from Digital Performer called the slip tool. it means that you can take an audio file and drag it in place, as illustrated here:

go to 0:39 to see what i mean.

i think this would be a great feature when using the sample editor to record loops of 16/32/64 bars and trying to get them on time. sometimes when rendering live input there will be some latency and you need to compensate for that by putting the files in sync.

this is hard as there is no start position playback, you have to manually trim the file to hear it from a new beginning or you can use enter and listen, but that’s hard when trying to sync up to things already playing in the editor.

another way is using slices - this is doable, but still unnecessarily hard.

the ideal way for me would be to be able to slip/drag the audio and see when it matches up to the grid in the waveform editor. of course there is issues with the sample being too “short” so that when you drag it either way there would not be any audio; in this case i think silence should just be introduced and one could manually make fade in & outs to fix this…

hope it makes sense or maybe i am just going about it all wrong? : )

thanks for great software, really getting into renoise atm! maybe i will just have to get my ass together and make a tool for it myself; would this be possible with the current API?

This is my most needed feature! Thanks for posting this!